Jungle Jim

Dear Sir,  In January of 1962 the 25th Air Force came down by name for volunteers for Project Jungle Jim.  Those that did not volunteer were dismissed immediately.  A short time later we were told to report to Geiger AFB, WA for an interview.  There were about 50 men in the room when a colonel walked in and told us that he would call us into his office one at a time and ask us some questions.  The first time we responded with a no we would be dismissed and nothing would be held against us.  Some time after that we reported to Geiger AFB for an extensive physical.  After the interview and physical there were ten of us remaining.  We were told that the project was classified and we were put on a 72 hour notice.  Several months later we were told that we were released from the assignment but not told why of if the project was declassified.  So for the past 50 years I still do not know if the project was ever declassified.  I would appreciate any information that you have on this as to was it declassified and if so when?  We were never given any kind of a test that is mentioned on your web site. Respectfully,

Lee A. Belden,SMSgt USAF [Ret],2275 Shiprock Way,Colorado Springs, CO 80919


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