Ron Annas His uncle was Lloyd L Ennis one of the original Air Commandos looking for feedback on his late uncle.

After my late uncle’s untimely death in 1973 I received an old military hat which the rest of the family knew nothing about. Since I was active duty Army, it was passed to me. To this day it is sitting in my bedroom.

Today I stumbled on your website and saw a picture of the hat and upon reading the text within the site, located my uncle’s name, Lloyd L Ennis (don’t ask about the different spelling of the last name, he evidently changed it sometime after college and never explained it to the rest of the family).

Lloyd continued his AF career until an unfortunate auto accident while stationed in Germany in Jan 1973. It has been a pleasure to read about your organization and recall the excitement when he visited the family when I was young.

Now some neat stuff. In my Army career I was assigned to JSOC as one of its early members in 1982 and have been associated with it ever since. It appears my path crossed my late uncle’s even though there was a time difference.

Could I have some information about joining your organization? I am interested in hopefully contacting some of the gray beards who might have known my uncle.

Ronald W. Annas (L3 Contractor), JSOC J6-SSD, (910)243-9225


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