About My New Blog

This is my new way to get the word out to old air Commandos since the current ACA management and I disagree on things they are doing.  Jim Boney after 23 years of dedicated service as the ACA Newsletter editor ran into the same problem as I did and he will become a docent at Eglin AFB Armament  Museum and will run as a director of the ACA in the future so be sure you vote for him when he comes up.  In the meantime we are going to provide our service to other organizations who are more forward in their  acceptance of free help rather than paying for it.

In the near future we will be entering “key words” for each posting so you can easily look up subjects by their category.

You can also click on out archives to fine our postings by date.

In this blog you may enter your own comments at the bottom of each page.




One Response to About My New Blog

  1. jari salo says:

    have you got my e mails lately ?

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